Facebook Financing the Future


The older generations often complain that the kids of this generation are too attached to their computers. This may be true. I cannot go more than one day without checking Facebook, Twitter, or my Tumblr. How else will everyone know what I am doing every second of every day.

This may seem narcissistic but instead of complaining about it, companies are beginning to profit off of it. http://www.ifac.org/news-events/2013-10/social-media-marketing-may-be-key-practice-profitability. Companies realize that social media is a new venue for marketing. Now instead of brashly yelling on the radio or on television that there is a monster truck rally on Sunday you can calmly approach monster truck enthusiasts and have a natural organic conversation. If they want to go to your rally that is fine but now you have an established audience that is willing to engage with you. That is how you build brand and customer loyalty. 

I used to believe that social media was only a place for my selfies and strange narrations on the state of well dressed men (or lack there of in my life) and who was winning season 7 of Biggest Loser. It was merely a small corner of the web where I shouted into a seemingly endless void. However, I know see it ass a constantly growing environment in which it is possible to reach a wide variety of people. It is a place to start a following, a community, and naturally, a place to make a lot of money.

This thing, this social media where we place our trust and drunken angry misspelled tyraids is on the up and coming new wave brink of communications. Personal wise you can now talk to people across the world, meet your next husband, finalize the paperwork for your next divorce and order shoes that amazon will have delivered to you by a droid (no need to hide in fear, those are just my new shoes arriving). In the business world it is a new means of selling; your company, your brand, yourself! I just worry that there is no place where the line will be drawn between business and personal and it is here that the social media atmosphere will lose its personality. Still, that is neither here nor there yet.

Me personally, I do not think that my goals are too lofty. I have never been an avid blogger so my hope is to garner a better understanding of that. If along the way I am able to develop a better understanding of social media as a whole, gain a couple hundred followers, and maybe make a little money then that would be great but I am not in it solely for that. I, just like every one else really am only here to grace the world with my thoughts and ideas and random rants from time to time. The internet is big enough for lowly little me and the Mark Zukerbergs of the world. After all, we all update our Facebook statuses the same way. Typing one word at a time.

Until next time,

The lady is out and she has gone rogue.


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